IDentity Management system (IDM) is the service aimed to automate a Single User Account (SUA) management operations for FEFU users. It allows you to activate and control your SUA.


SUA is a couple composed of a user login and password and is a tool to identificate and to authentificate a person within FEFU electronic resources and services.


Fig. 1. Root page


Open internet address in browser, see Fig. 1.


Next, press the link «Активация пользователя» on the right.


Then, on the activation's 1st step (see Fig. 2) fill the fields:

1st: surname (mandatory)
2nd: first name (mandatory)
3rd: patronymic name (optional)
4th: last six digits of your passport (identity card) (mandatory)

Fig. 2. Activation, 1st step

Press «Далее».

Fig. 3. Activation, 2nd step


On the activation's 2nd step (see Fig. 3) specify your e-mail address in the 1st field.

Contrive password and specify it in the 2nd field. This password must be at list of 8 characters long, and must contain at least one lowercase letter, at least one uppercase letter, and at least one digit.

Repeat the same password in the 3rd field.

Press the «Сохранить» button.


Attention! Be absolutely sure to remember your user login and password!